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Electronic Meetings and Voting in the Age of COVID
Article contributed by Matt Larwood, General Manager - Stratavote

Strata communities across Australia are adopting technology to help them meet their needs to run meeting in the modern world that has also been accelerated by COVID-19 physical distancing requirements. The use of electronic voting technology is also in anticipation of long awaiting legislative changes to modernise strata laws in QLD and when compared to outdated meeting procedures currently in place, these changes simply make sense.

The uptake of online meetings and electronic voting was previously considered optional, however it is now part of the way strata scheme meetings need to be run because of the Covid pandemic. So given that electronic voting and virtual meetings are destined to be part of ‘a new normal’, what does this mean for you as an owner and what will change?

Negative CPI and the implications for Caretaking Agreements
Article contributed by James Nickless, Partner – Chambers Russell Lawyers

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and an already stagnating economy, it looks like unfortunately we will continue to face gloomy projections for economic growth in Australia. Low interest rates set by the Reserve Bank of Australia are set to continue for the foreseeable future. As households tighten their budgets and curb spending, it is likely that we will continue to see negative Consumer Price Index (“CPI”) rates. This will have implications for a range of different industries, and any contracts or agreements where cost increases are set in relation to the current CPI rate. We are already seeing this issue cause confusion for bodies corporate when it comes to the calculation of caretakers and resident building managers remuneration under the annual remuneration review clause in their caretaking agreements.

Strata Community Education Seminars

Join us either in person or online for a live demonstration of the latest electronic voting technology presented by StrataVote. The agenda for the online meeting demonstration is designed to be interactive as we delve into real world motions ranging from strata regulations that apply to online meetings through to pets, parking, maintenance and finance in the age of Covid, all explained by our panel of expert strata lawyers in down to earth language.

Management Rights Assignments For Bodies Corporate
Article contributed by Todd Garsden, Special Counsel – Mahoneys Lawyers

Safety Compliance Audits - Friend or Foe?
Article contributed by Sean Albert, General Manager – Strata Compliance Solutions

Featured Course: Back to Basics

Are you a beginner to strata? If you answered YES, then the Strata Basics course is for you.

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