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Parking in a Community Titles Scheme 
Article contributed by Michelle Scott, Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management

Visitor parking or parking on common property is an issue that can be regulated by a body corporate. The ability of owners and occupiers who live in a community titles scheme (CTS) to park on the common property is subject to the by-laws registered for the scheme.

Most parking by-laws prohibit owners and occupiers standing their vehicle on the common property without the approval of the body corporate. You would need to check the by-laws for your CTS to find out if your body corporate has a parking by-law. 

Read on to learn what to do if an owner or occupier is parking on the common property without approval or in a regulated parking area,  and the steps your body corporate may take to enforce the by-law.

What Is An Embedded Network, and Am I In One? 
Article contributed by Michelle Scott, Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management

An embedded network is an electricity network between connection points (units, shops, caravans or otherwise) which is not part of the main electricity network.

In Queensland, there are the main power and water grids (on-street powerlines and water pipes) which supply utilities to houses, unit blocks and businesses. An embedded network is the smaller network within a building or complex with multiple lots, which distributes services internally.

To learn more about embedded networks, read on. 

Electricity Retailers and Billing Agents 
Article contributed by by Adam Ford, General Manager and Partner – ARC Utilities Management

Communities with embedded networks in Queensland have two choices when it comes to engaging a utility provider to manage their energy supply. They can either be an “exempt seller” themselves and engage a billing agent to manage the sale of energy and other services, or they can appoint an authorised retailer instead.

Until recently, there weren’t many authorised retailers operating within embedded networks, but that has changed with the announcement of the new regulatory framework set to be implemented over the next few years.

Until the changes come through, communities need to decide whether to go with an authorised retailer, or continue to operate under the traditional billing agent model. Below we set out the primary considerations when making this decision. Basically, it comes down to whether your community wants access to better consumer protections, or caps on energy fees and charges.

Short and Long Term Letting Restrictions Explained
Article contributed by Jason Carlson, Partner – Grace Lawyers

Large Market Electricity Tendering
Article contributed by Solomon Freer, Senior Energy Analyst - Strata Energy Services

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