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Article by Jason Carlson, Partner – Grace Lawyers
A District Court judge once described Queensland’s strata legislation as “incomprehensible as it is over-prescriptive”.  It is this legislation that aims to govern and regulate all of the competing interests that take hold in a community titles scheme. 

It should come as no surprise that in this mix we regularly see fictions about how the strata industry works paraded around as facts.  We will try to dispel some of them here.
Common Noise Complaints
Article by Tim Burns, Senior Strata Manager – Archers the Strata Professionals
One of the most common complaints received in strata schemes is to do with unwelcome noise, which can be understandable when living in close proximity. Noise has a knack for traveling through floors, ceilings, walls and across balconies.

It is only to be expected that on occasion you will  hear some noise from your neighbours, pets, and often during building repairs. However, if the noise is excessive and consistent then you can rest assured that there are efficient ways to tackle  the problem. The trick is to know who to contact to effectively address the type of noise problem you are experiencing.

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